DRUSILLA ENGEL (or Engle) She was a grown woman during the War of the Rebellion, commonly known as the Civil War. The family tradition says she was born in Maryland. When she was a small child, a friend of her father used to visit and often held her on his knee. Once he said to her that when she was old enough, he would come back and marry her. And he did. His name was Alfred Richardson, and he fathered her children Louise, Oliver, and Mary. There may have been others, but, if so they died and I never heard about them. When the war broke out, the family was living in Missouri. They were Union supporters, and Drusilla's brothers, Theodore and Alexander joined the Missouri German Speaking regiment.The family was Pennsylvania Dutch, living in MD. I've seen the brothers' names in the Regiment's register in Documents of the War of the Rebellion in the UK library. I was told that Alfred was captured by the Confederates, although he was later exchanged. The rest of the family was picked up by a gunboat captained? by a man named Wheeler that came either up or down the Missouri river, and taken behind Union lines,along with some other Union families. Drusilla and the rest apparently went to Ohio where Alfred joined them, Mary was born and Alfred joined an Ohio regiment. We have copies of letters Alfed wrote to his wife while he was in service. The originals should be in the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort KY. He fought in the Battle of Donaldson and Henry and took prisoners. He also signed his name Your Frienc, A. Richardson. After the war, back in MO. he was killed in a sawmill accidemt. That same day, I was told, a young man named Benjamin Richardson came asking about him, but left town when he was told Alfred had been killed. The family believed it was his younger brother (or step brother). If any more details were told me, I do not remember them.