Sound (Bite) Anthropology


Organized into 100 or so "sound bites" instead of conventional chapters. Sound bites may be collected to keep related topics nearby.

Each sound bite section has:

  1. The sound bite itself - one pithy memorable sentence.

  2. Explanation - a one-paragraph writeup of what the sound bite means

  3. Exposition - up to 3 pages max of detailed discussion, including examples, theory as needed

Candidate Sound Bites:

Theories Are Not Just Fuzzy Facts

Wanting It To Be True Doesn't Make It So

Only Christians Celebrate Christmas

What Is Believed Is True In Its Consequences

Sexuality Is More Complicated Than You Think

Beware of Unintended Consequences

Being Ignorant Doesn't Make Them Stupid

You Can Be Prejudiced Without Knowing It

Playing Dumb and Lying: Self-Defense Toolkit for Oppressed Minorities.

(e.g. fem stupidity in 60s sitcoms)
(Can linker after oppression ends -- unacknowledged prejudice)

English-to-English Translation (talking at cross purposes)

If it's called good, find out good for whom

Government Is Not A Thing (like a bear)

Passing a Law is not enough

Felt need & clear benefit (social change prerequisites)

Democracy Needs Disagreement

Everything is Interconnected [each SB should end with "see also" section]

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Taking It For Granted Doesn't Mean It's Natural

(US: eggs & dairy. Peru: opticians & thermometers)

Profit Is Not The Only Motive

Markets aren't universal

Reciprocity makes the world go 'round

You Don't Need Money (famine & food)

We All Have the Same Needs But Not The Same Wants

A Good Trade Means Everyone Has Been Cheated

It's Only Valuable If Someone Wants It.

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